WarBirds FreeHost - Переписка с iEN'ом
Рассказ Бороды про его и Айке переписку с iEN
Переписка с iEN'ом

Вот первое письмо от г-на Джея Литтмана, продюсера WarBirds, полученое мной в связи с русским ФриХостом. Никаких заявлений на публике, рекламы и вообще упоминаний о результатах ведущейся работы никто не делал. Сервер к тому моменту работал уже около пяти месяцев, летали на нем в основном русские.

> -------- Original Message --------
> Subject: I advise you to please stop
> Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 14:03:10 -0500
> From: "Jay Littman, Producer"  jlittman@iencentral.com  mailto:jlittman@iencentral.com>>
> To: tengrie@sky.chph.ras.ru  mailto:tengrie@sky.chph.ras.ru>
> Dear Mr. Pavel Pavlov,
> wb:boroda
> Commissar 25th IAP VVS
> I know what you're doing. My arms are very long. I advise you to
> please
> stop working on (or hacking) a WarBirds servers or any other type of
> free
> host. If you think because you are located in Russia we can't stop you
> via
> the US/Russian embassy you are mistaken.
> With respect,
> Jay Littman
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> Jay Littman
> Producer, iEntertainment Network
> (919) 461-0722 Ext. 3035
> jlittman@iencentral.com  mailto:jlittman@iencentral.com>
> WarBirds "Online Game of the Year" 1997, 98, 99, PC Games Magazine
> "Online Fight Sim of the Year" 1999, Dogfighter.com
> "Excellence Online Multiplayer Combat Simulation
> 1999, FlightSim.com
> Dawn of Aces - 4 + out of 5 stars, Computer Games/Strategy Plus Magazine
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Вот мой ответ:

> "Jay Littman, Producer" wrote:
> Dear Mr. Pavel Pavlov,
> wb:boroda
> Commissar 25th IAP VVS
> I know what you're doing.
> I'm happy to know that you think so.
> My arms are very long. I advise you to please
> stop working on (or hacking) a WarBirds servers or any other type of free
> host.
> Please, define "hacking". Please, tell me what and when i have done
> wrong. Please, tell me what do you mean by "free host".
> If you think because you are located in Russia we can't stop you via
> the US/Russian embassy you are mistaken.
> Stop me in WHAT?
> And please, stop speaking in that "Big Brother" manner. I obey the laws
> of my country. If you think I am in any danger of being sued (I believe
> that some things in your message were written in anger, and you really
> didn't mean any illegal actions) - please let me know.
> I beg your pardon for any misunderstanding due to cultural and lingual
> differences.
> --
> With respect,
> Pavel Pavlov,
> wb:boroda
> Commissar 25th IAP VVS

Вот его ответ:

> Dear Sir,
> I see you are working on an alternative server to WarBirds that would be
> free. I ask you to please stop developing a free server to WarBirds and to
> take these web pages out of production.
> You have to understand that WarBirds is a business. It's not just a game.
> If we can not generate money from the development of WarBirds (because
> someone else has created a free server) then we'll be out of business and
> out-of-work. Many people (programmers, artiest, designers and producers)
> make their living from WarBirds. They all have families to support. I
> hope you can understand what I'm trying to say.
> With respect,
> Jay Littman

Далее события развиваются все веселее. 2 апреля 2000г. Алексей Иноземцев получает чудесное письмо от этого клоуна, состоящее из одного сабжекта: "Your Going to Jail". Далее начинается просто поражающая воображение переписка:

> What are you talking about! Your history is full of mass killings and
> midnight disappears. Your leaders have abused your citizens for
> hundreds
> of years and you're doing it now in Grozny
> ( http://msnbc.com/news/389161.asp?cp1=1>). I guess "Human Rights" has no
> official translation into Russian. Maybe that is how you can sleep at
> night by stealing my game. I think the war in Russia's Caucasus and the
> surrounding regions is NOT about ethnic discontent but oil and greed.
> Something all to common in Russian since the Czar got his. To bad they
> replaced the Czar with a bunch of dictator's who did nothing buy bring
> mother Russia to a third rate back water county. How many Russian
> citizens
> just disappeared under Joseph Stalin? Do you know that Stalin murdered
> more Russian citizens (your who people) than were killing in World War
> II
> by Hitler?
> BTW the United Nations is in Kosovo to stop the mass killings that
> sides were doing. It's called a peace mission and sometimes you have to
> use force to stop the killings on both sides. The United Nations did
> not
> start the war in Kosovo but we sure did stop it. Does genocide mean
> anything to you? Do you remember what Hitler and Stalin did to Russian?
> The USA stands for freedom something you have never experienced.

Т.е. в ответ на довольно вежливое замечание о том что Россия является суверенным государством, на территории которого законы Соединенных Штатов которыми он нам грозит (хотя мы их не нарушали) не действуют, и что Россия это не Югославия - этот с позволения сказать "продюсер" выдает порцию "антикоммунистического" бреда, вбитого ему в голову в школе во времена холодной войны...

Тут в "дискуссию" вступает некто Дэн Но, главный инженер проекта Warbirds:

> Here is some "facts" for you.
> 1. The USA controls internet access, I know this because I own an ISP, in
> Canada, and
> I often cut off people's access, when the FBI or RCMP TELLS us to.
> 2. I have spent a far time in Russian, since I have a past in the defense
> industry. I am VERY
> well aware "how" things work over there. I also still have many contacts
> in
> your country.
> 3. iEN has millions of dollars, you have little, given the "way" things
> work
> over there, do you think
> you're recent actions are smart ?
> Dan "HotSeat  Fubar>" Neault S.A.E.

Вот это уже начинает есколько нервировать. Человек просто разогнул пальТсы веером, и обещает привлечь своих друзей в России. Поскольку решить проблему законным путем можно только в нашу пользу, о чем им и было совершенно недвусмысленно сказано - он наверное хочет прислать к нам бандитов из числа своих друзей...

В ответ на продолжающиеся "наезды" и угрозы мы пытаемся предложить какой-то вариант устраивающий как их, так и нас. Далее следует мой ответ на очередное письмо от г-на Литтмана, которое в тексте отмечено двойным цитированием:

> > I have nothing more to say to you. You have stolen my game WarBirds.
> Well, mr Littman, I doubt that Alex feels he had stolen something. He just
> gave many people an opportunity to play after your designers made it
> impossible for them... As for me - I don't feel that I steal anything when I
> play FreeBeerds. Do you really think that I have to pay 2 bucks per hour for
> constant warps and buggy damage model?... Especially when I don't have this
> problems on Russian host?
> Anyway, it all is just a matter of personal attitude and traditions, so I
> can understand your point of view. So - let's think if you can benefit form
> Russin host. Honestly.
> > Why
> > don't you just make your own game instead of stealing someone else hard
> > work? For example a WWII Russian Vs German tank game or even better a
> > submarine game.
> I bet you knew it! ;)
> > How can you sleep at night knowing you are stealing
> > someone else's work, SHAME ON YOU!
> The only thing that makes me worry now is a possibility that someone will
> introduce connecting instructions to the majority of your customers. In this
> case we'll certainly take some measures.
> Another bad thing is that if you'll start a case against us in a Russian
> court - 99% that you'll lose it, because Russian server doesn't even violate
> your own EULA:
> "You acknowledge that the
> Software in source code form remains a confidential trade secret of iEN and
> therefore you agree not to modify the Software or attempt to decipher,
> decompile, disassemble or reverse engineer the Softwareexcept to the extent
> applicable laws specifically prohibit such restriction."
> Russian laws allow to reverse-engineer any program in case it is nessesary
> to achieve compatibility with your own product. I hope it is clear enough.
> "...to the extent applicable laws specifically prohibit such restriction.".
> Not even speaking that there was no decompilation of the FE at all.
> Please read this page:  http://cooler.irk.ru/ivanopulo_vs_mm.html>
> NB: I don't think that guy is right, but - so it goes...
> And if you'll lose the case in the court - it would be very bad not only for
> you, but to the whole software industry.
> We have been loyal to you so far. We wish you business to be successful.
> But - things like what mr. Neault wrote me make me think about preparing to
> some unfair actions from you. Until that letter I thought that we all are
> civilised people, not kids in a sandbox.
> Russian server will exist. I think it's reasonable to work out some solution
> so you don't lose money on it. The first idea that comes to my head is that
> you can place it as a separate arena to your servers, and bill people who go
> there from your server.
> Any other ideas?
> Still hoping to cooperate.
> With respect,
> Pavel Pavlov,
> wb:boroda
> Commissar 25th IAP VVS

На что я получил ответ, после которого лично у меня нет ни малейшего желания переписываться с людьми из iEN:

> Do you think that I work for free? Do you think that my staff of
> programmers, artist, designers and production personal also work for free?
> Do you think the computers we work on and the electricity to run them are
> free? Do you think the building we work in is rent free? Do you think
> that our investors and stock holders don't want a return on their money?
> No you imbecilic communist bastard. This is a market driven game and that
> gives us the right to charge people to play and make a profit. It's call
> capitalism. For more information on capitalism please read, 'The Wealth
> of
> Nations' by Adam Smith if you can't find the book because your leaders
> burned them all go to
> ( http://www.bibliomania.com/NonFiction/Smith/Wealth/)>. If we lose the
> right to make a profit from WarBirds because some communist thinks that
> everything on the internet should be free is just showing how moronic you
> are.
> Do you remember that type of government that brought mother Russian to its
> knees? Its called communism. Communism made Russia a third world back
> water country that she is today. Russia can't even paid it's own bills
> and
> depends on hand outs from others. Did you and your community learn
> anything from that? I guess NOT! Well I'll spell it out for you. You
> dim-witted, stupid moron. No profit, no money, no work, no food, no
> house,
> no car, no family, no life. There is no safety net, no collective; just
> risk and your own hard work, creativity and sweat here. Try it sometime
> it's call thinking. Try exercising that thing that is between you ears.
> The reason you have to steal my game is because you are to stupid to be
> creative and make your own game, or you are lazy and you want someone to
> give it to you. You live off the hard work and sweat of others. YOU ARE
> A
> PARASITE! Don't worry you will soon see the inside of your counties jails
> which I'm sure you have already seen.

Особенно меня порадовал оборот "imbecilic communist bastard". Не говоря уже о предложении почитать Адама Смита. Немудрено что он не знает что его труды - один из трех источников марксизма, но выглядит это до умиления забавно.

Вот такая вот вечная молодость. Пообщались, что называется, с "многомиллионодолларовой корпорацией". И это только неофициальная переписка. Что они вытворяли по официальным каналам - это отдельная песня, но, к сожалению, мы не можем предать большую часть подробностей огласке. Скажу только, что они получили недвусмысленный ответ о том что "факт правонарушений не подтвердился". Пока что они не доказали что мы что-либо нарушили даже по американским законам, так что все что им остается - это продолжать врать, клеветать и облыжно обвинять нас в том что мы не делали. Так держать, наши дорогие недалекие друзья!