WarBirds FreeHost - Developers
FH appearance history. And the list whom you should contact in order to ask or offer something.
FreeHost History

The project of "WarBirds FreeHost" was started in May, 1999. The developments were based on a great game - WarBirds. It's client's software is totally free, you can download it here. But in 1999 to play online you should have payed $1.99 per hour. But it was really difficult to pay the fee with plastic cards from Russia, and other ways of payment have been closed by the replaced company leaders, so two people (Alex Inozemcev and Sergey Hlupnov) have started this project.

It's full FREE project. None pay us for it. All have been done on our own risk. WarBirds FreeHost is developed in ANSI C lang for UNIX-like system (FreeBSD, Linux, AIX, Solaris). And it has nothing to do with ITMO's FreeHost in JAVA. Our server has more advanced features than either native iEN server. You can find our features on the home page.

Current list (alphabet order)
-aike- <alex_1#udmnet.ru> photo
Server development. Gunnery and damage models.
archer <archer#wbfree.net> photo
Forum. FH web servers hosting.
-exec- <exec#wbfree.net>
General questions. "Players-Developers" bridge. :)
-farid <fhlauncher#wbfree.net>
FHLauncher. Proxies.
-ivan- <uf#sky.chph.ras.ru>
Server development and maintenance. Proxies.
monstr <pgmonster#rambler.ru>
If you want to help the development team, please, contact monstr.
--ph-- <ph#wbfree.net>
Information service. Web site.
rgreat <rgreat#yogik.org>
Flight models and weapons.
3D models.