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What is WarBirds? It's an online flight simulator. You play with many other players. It is World War II. Guns and cannons. Knight battles. If you like it, join our community.
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2009-03-30 FreeHost Launcher v1.67R2 Download

2006-03-19 FreeHost Launcher v1.66 Download
2006-02-03 FreeHost Launcher v1.65 Download Changes
2005-08-28 RPS updated (1.65)
2005-02-22 FreeHost Launcher v1.64R2 released Download Changes
2005-02-11 RPS updated.
2005-02-07 FreeHost Launcher v1.64 released Download Changes
2004-12-03 RPS updated.
2004-11-15 New sites with cockpit sets added
Choose and download
2004-11-15 FreeHost Launcher v1.63 released Download Changes
2004-11-15 Site returns back from coma
2004-06-13 FreeHost Launcher v1.60 released. Download. Changes.
2003-02-24 FreeHost Launcher v1.51 released. Download. Changes. RPS updated.
2003-01-30 RPS updated.
2003-01-23 Since January 24 morning the old version of FHLauncher will not be allowed. Please, download the 1.5 ver.
2003-01-22 FreeHost Launcher v1.5 released. Download. Changes.
2002-12-02 Gunnery lethality is increased at distances 0-200 yards and decreased at bigger distances.
2002-11-19 RPS updated.
2002-10-20 When using Windows XP SP1 FHLauncher shows Error 6, when you connect to arena. In order to counter this you should tick Win98 compatibility in the shortcut.
2002-09-12 Commandos no longer shoot at planes taking off. Only by accident.
2002-06-30 New terrain for current ToD: wbngs1. Download.
2002-06-13 FH Server was unavailable for 2 days because of routing problems.
2002-05-19 RPS updated (Me-410, La-7, IL-2, I-153, IL-4 and others)!
2002-05-16 If your FHLauncher freezes while connecting to FreeHost or you get "Can't resolve IP address of arena" message, save "hosts" file (right click) in your Windows folder (!)
2002-05-15 Correspondence with iEN added to site (FH History)
2002-05-09 New FHLauncher (v1.4) released. Please, download. Changes here New FHLauncher features here
2002-03-03 Strategic objects destroying now influences reup time of airfield objects. Details are here
Our features. Available only on FH.
New planes
Rolling Plane Set (RPS): Plane list by their occurence on the server.
FreeHost Launcher - Detailed instructions.
Planes Max Speeds Charts (requires java).
Side fields attacking progress chart (requires java).
Side players balance chart (requires java).
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