WarBirds FreeHost - FreeHost Launcher
FreeHost Launcher
FreeHost Launcher 1.0

In order to install FreeHost Launcher successfully you should have at least 26MB free on drive which you use for installation.

Installation order:
1. Install original (w/o any additional defobj, misc...) WB277. If you update from WB276 - remove wsock32.dll from wb directory, install WB276 again and then upgrade it to WB277.
2. Run FHLInstall.exe

FreeHost Launcher doesn't corrupt any original files in wb directory. And no new files are created in wb directory. So if you have an account on iEN, there is no need to have 2 copies of WB. You just execute warbirds.exe (wbd3d.exe) for playing on iEN and use FHLauncher for playing on FH.

After FHLauncher installation is finished, "FreeHost Launcher" menu group is created with the following icons: "Go online", "Practice offline", WBHelper and Uninstall.

WBHelper is used to choose the best IP for connecting to FreeHost.

"Practice offline" - WB is executed offline with all new (and old) planes. In order to change graphics (2D/3D) you should execute "Go online", click "Options" and switch it there.

"Go online" - Launcher is started, that shows current active arenas and currently playing pilots. You can specify aliases (set of wb commands) in "Options" dialog. Alias is executed by typing :aliasname in radio buffer or using Hot Key. Autoexec alias is executed when you enter arena. Right after it another alias with the same name as your account name on FH is executed (this is for different autoexec aliases per account). You can use either server commands (.show, .gunstat, ...) either client commands (.otto, .radio, ...) is aliases. Please don't use large "Hi" messages on public channels (100-104), respect other pilots.