WarBirds FreeHost - Squads
Many squads have their own sites, where they place web pages about squad history, WB tactics and historical articles.
Create a squad

You only need to invite (.invite) another pilot and you become a squad commander.

Squad sites
JG26 "Abbeville Boys" (in deutsch) - German squad
228 ShAD VVS KA (in russian) - Russian squad
Flying Barans (in russian) - Russian squad
Regia Aeronautica - Italian squad
Axis Foreign Volunteers - International squad
Jagdgeschwader {JG13} - International squad
Far East Tigers (in russian) - Russian squad
Maniyaks - German squad
72 aviagroup (in russian) - Russian squad
JG 41 "Schwarze Falken" (in deutsch) - German squad
Los Partisanos de Cuba (in russian) - International squad
Esquadrao Pampa (in portuguese)
KG-51 "Edelweiss" (in deutsch) - German squad
13 ShAP (in russian) - Russian squad
55th IAP VVS (in russian) - Russian squad
Legion Condor 69 (in deutsch) - German squad
Elite Fighter Squadron - International allied squad
Sturzkampfgeschwader 2 "Immelmann" (in deutsch) - German squad
RED-HAWKS (in deutsch) - German squad
8th-airforce squad (in deutsch) - German squad
Pyro Pilots Guild - US squad
Stone Throw Squad Germany (in deutsch) - German squad
Squad features
Squad members have squad suffix to their name, when they shoot down somebody
Squad members can communicate on private channel (110)
Squad leaders can see radar ranges. They are shown with gold, red and grey (if radar is down) circles on map